Monday, July 26, 2004

A few random sports-related thoughts for 7/26/2004

  • Ricky Williams definitely has something wrong in the head, but whatever it's his choice

  • Red Sox and Yankees is interesting, but I really wish we had an equivalent west-coast rivalry that made the news every time

  • Chargers will hopefully have Rivers in camp, but I'm not expecting much from them this year. If I were them, I'd start Brees because there's no downside. If he fails, they can bring in Rivers. If Brees succeeds at all, they can trade him while he has value (he has no value at the moment).

  • Greg Lemond is a stud, pure and simple. Sorry...timewarp. Lance Armstrong is a stud, pure and simple.

  • The Padres are right on the verge of something great, or so it feels to me.

  • Is there anything more fun than 4 0'clock Fridays at the Del Mar Race Track. Races followed by live music. Sweeeeet.

  • The Lakers are not going to be the same w/out Shaq obviously, and they're going to miss D-fish. Some good young talent coming in, it will be interesting to see if Bryant can figure out how to play with them.

  • The Suns still need a center to be competitive. I've been saying that for 20-something years. My apologies to Alvan Adams and to Mark West who filled in the position nicely when the balance was better all the way around.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Water skiing vs. Wake boarding

This week I found myself in what felt like a vuja-de debate about boarding vs. skiing, only this time it was of the liquid variety, rather than the powder variety. Specifically, the discussion was about which is better: water skiing or wake boarding? I had never gone wake boarding before this recent trip to Tahoe, but I finally did, and it was a lot of fun. However, they are different (just like snow skiing and snow boarding are different).

On water skis, it's more about making sharp cuts in and out of the wake, while on wake boards it's more about jumping the wake and performing tricks (such as 360's and other stuff I can't do yet ona wake board). I've always been a skier, whether it be water or snow, because that's what I learned on, and that's what I've gotten good enough, and confident enough, to do. Since it was easier to get up on the wake board (managed it on my first try this week), I'll probably spend some more time trying to get better (and more confident) at it (tricks later of course!), but I can't see myself giving up on the water ski.

Which do you prefer, and why?

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Darcy and I at sunset last night (July 6) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

What I just watched...amazing. This is definitely good for the soul. Posted by Hello

Monday, July 05, 2004

Ok, first shot from Tahoe summer vacation: Waterskiing on the 4th of July. I love it up here! Posted by Hello

Summer Vacation in Tahoe

Just a quick update, and I plan on posting pictures soon. I've spent the last couple of days here in Tahoe, where I'm currently posting. Darcy, DJ, Phoenix (our dog) and I headed up here on Friday, July 2, and we've spent 2 days on the lake so far -- water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, etc. Great fun!

Phoenix is having a great time just staring out into the woods at all the creatures running by. We're going to take her on a hike this afternoon.

The fireworks on the 4th were very good this year...every year, I think I'm going to regret all the BS you have to put up with to enjoy the show (mostly traffic), but it's always a good time anyway.