Sunday, October 03, 2004

What I think today

Here's what I think today:

* Chargers can -- not 'should', but 'can' -- beat the Titans today. Since Titans will likely have 8 in the box, Brees needs to pass out of that situation and hit the receivers. Caldwell and Parker need to come up big.

* Michael Vick is a lot of fun to watch, but he's bound to get hurt again the way he plays. Hope he lasts.

* Mike Martz is a nut....and a knucklehead.

* Sirius satellite radio is awesome. Every NFL game, every broadcast from each city. It's a great way to pass the time away on those long drives to Tahoe.

* Torrey Pines HS Falcons are 5-0 and on a roll. Their defense comes up big every week, and their offense has really improved.

* I am ready for a change at President. Too bad the Libertarian candidates always seem so friggin' nuts.

* I want a Fantasy Football service where I can put in the players that I'm interested in getting wireless/sms updates on during games. How come nobody has that yet? If it's out there, please let me know!

* Miracle was a great movie, but everybody probably already knew that. I might have been the last American to see it.

* Joey cracks me up.

* It's time to organize a trip to San Felipe. It's been way too long.

* Speaking of way too long, it's time for Darcy and I to plan our summer party that we didn't have.

Today's football picks

My picks for today:

NE over BUF
PHI over CHI
GB over NYG
WAS over CLE
IND over JAC (interesting matchup)
OAK over HOU
PIT over CIN
ARI over NO (upset #1 of the week)
CAR over ATL
NYJ over MIA
DEN over TB
SD over TEN (upset #2 of the week)
STL over SF
BAL over KC (this will be a boring game!)