Thursday, August 19, 2004

FF League #1 Draft

Ok, other than my 5th round snafu where the friggin' ESPN draft system wouldn't allow me to select and draft Lee Suggs (maybe he'll suck anyway), so I wound up with Aaron Brooks (and I already had Culpepper), I'm fairly happy with my team. I have some risk, but some potential strong upside with T. Jones, Charles Rogers, and Steven Jackson should M. Faulk get hurt (or retire). Here's the squad:

1 C. Portis, WAS RB
2 D. Culpepper, MIN QB
3 T. Jones, CHI RB
4 S. Smith, CAR WR
5 A. Brooks, NOR QB
6 C. Rogers, DET WR
7 S. Jackson, STL RB
8 E. Kennison, KAN WR
9 F. Jones, ARI TE
10 E. D/ST, PHI D/ST
11 M. Pittman, FA RB
12 D. Branch, NWE WR
13 J. Brown, SEA K
14 K. Faulk, NWE RB
15 C. Bradford, HOU WR

Not bad. Not sure about Pittman or Kennison, but they seem like solid backups.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

8/17 Tidbits

Last Saturday was the annual trek down to Baja for Lobster. We had 30 this year, and had a blast. Our usual place Puerto Viejo was not open this year, but we wound up going across the street to La Escondida. The food and drink is pretty much the same at all the places down there, but this was a very fun night. Pictures will be uploaded soon.

It was good to meet up with my folks, who pulled the funny move of the night by missing the last 2 warning signs for "Last US Exit" (yes, you actually get 2 chances in case you miss the first opportunity), and wound up driving all the way into Mexico. No worries though as we were able to catch up with them at the Tijuana Bus Station.

Quote of the night was from Papa Yo (my dad) who said, "Happiness is having a piece of Lobster stuck in your teeth to enjoy later on." Classic.